Dishwasher Repair Baltimore

Appliance brands repaired by All City Appliance Repair Baltimore

Dishwasher repair guys have become really busy nowadays, because most appliances in this category are pretty expensive to replace and ensuring their proper functioning often means saving water and energy.

Unfortunately, like other appliances, dishwashers break down from time to time as well, and, when they do, calling a Baltimore dishwasher repair technician is the best thing you can do.

These appliances rarely leave room for DIY projects, because, since they are rather new to the market and available under a variety of brands and models, few people have had the chance to work on them and document the experience in order to guide others through the repair process.

 Why Do Dishwashers Break Down?

dishwasher repair BaltimoreLike all the other appliances, dishwashers have a limited lifespan. Nothing is built to last forever, especially if not properly taken care of. At All City Appliance Repair Baltimore, we have managed to identify some of the most common glitches that make dishwashers break down:

  1. Clogging of the float cup switch;
  2. Water being thrown from the air gap;
  3. Improper water draining;
  4. Inability to latch the soap dispenser door properly;
  5. The impeller getting stuck.

What Types of Dishwashers Do We Fix?

Most of the time, when customers call us, they are worried that their dishwashers are a bit old or belonging to a particular brand, not very popular. If that is your case, you can rest assured, because our dishwasher repair technicians are fully trained to work on both modern and outdated models and they have the necessary experience to handle any dishwasher, no matter the brand or the particularities. Here are some of the dishwasher models that our All City Appliance Repair Baltimore team can fix:

  • Built-it-under-counter dishwasher;
  • Drawer dishwashers;
  • Countertop dishwashers;
  • Portable free-standing dishwashers;
  • Commercial dishwashers: single tank, conveyor, flight type.

What Do We Have to Offer to Our Customers?

If you intend to become our customer, you should know that you can benefit from a 15 % discount if you schedule an appointment online or if you call the company and say that you found out about us online.

Also, you do not have to transport your broken dishwasher to us, because a specialized dishwasher repair team will come to your front door, fully equipped to fix it on the spot. In order to allow you to make up your mind and keep control of the costs, our team will give you a free estimate on how much it is going to cost you to have it repaired.

If you decide to let us fix your problem, you will benefit from our 1 year warranty for the parts our crew may use to repair your dishwasher and 90 days labor warranty. The 25 years of experience in the dishwasher repair business will certainly pay out and allow you to use your appliance at full capacity, as before, without anything to worry about and all the help you need available at only one phone call away.

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